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West Palm Beach Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer

Juveniles who are alleged to have committed crimes in Florida end up in delinquency court.  (Unless the State charges them as a adult.)  The juvenile system is technically not criminal in nature, and procedurally it is governed by separate statutes and rules of court.  Juveniles are not entitled to jury trials, even in cases where an adult would be.

However, if they are found guilty, juveniles can receive many of the same punishments typical of criminal court. They can be placed on probation until they are 19 years old, with numerous and often costly and time-consuming conditions.  Additionally, if an offense is serious enough, a child can be committed to a lock-down residential program until they are 21 years old.

Juvenile delinquency cases can have serious consequences for the rest of a person’s life.  It is extremely important to have a West Palm Beach juvenile delinquency lawyer who knows the juvenile justice system, and the differences between it and the adult courts.  Scott Berry has vast experience handling juvenile cases, and will put that experience to work to get the best results for his clients.

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